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The body is the most important equipment in golf. Build your swing to suit your body.

The most expensive golf clubs will not help if you cannot swing properly.  Besides any physical limitations you may have, you may be trying to swing in a way that does not suit you.

The body needs 2 things to function properly: Mobility and Stability.

Mobility is a combination of normal range of motion and proper muscular flexibility. Stability is the ability to remain unchanged or aligned in the presence of change or outside forces.  Stability is the combination of 3 things: 1. Balance 2. Strength 3. Muscular Endurance.

The body works in an alternating pattern of stability and mobility in your joints.  If this pattern is altered, dysfunction and compensations will occur, leading to poor performance and the risk of injury.

If you’re a golfer trying to improve your performance, come see us for a TPI screening that will help identify your physical limitations and provide exercises to alter your patterns. We will help you build a swing that suits you and that will help you unlock your potential and be the golfer that you want to be.


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