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Golf is the fastest growing sport in India. Find out why.

Although for most players a round of golf is viewed as pleasurable, social and intellectually stimulating, many golfers – or would be golfers – are not as aware of the many wonderful health affects the game produces.


The game is as strong a mental game as it is physical. Although your body performs much of the work, a large amount of effort is still required of your brain – creating the perfect balance between activity and thought. Much of the mental side can be attributed to the logic and strategy involved in the game, however, the actual process of being active out doors is also of huge benefit to the human brain. Many studies have shown that an influx of oxygen being pumped to the brain – as occurs during the process of aerobic activity – can help ward off Alzheimers, depression, and more.

In addition to the added brain power associated with an active round, golf can also help to create a more balanced mind that is better equipped to handle stress or manage the difficulties associated with life. This is due to the fact that golf is a natural source of endorphin boosting power, leading to a better mood and stronger will power to tackle the tasks at hand – whatever they may be.


While golf may be a challenging game of intellectual skill, it is first and foremost a source of physical activity. The average golfer who plays at least once a week can be expected to walk between 4 and 8 kilometres on a weekly basis. This is great for the lungs and heart, and can help lower cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, and even help you sleep better at night.

As if that’s not enough motivation to get out on the course, a recent study conducted by the Sweden-based Karolinska Institutet found the overall death rate for golfers to be 40 percent lower than all other people of the same age, sex, and socioeconomic status. If this study is correct, this amounts to a 5 year increase in life expectancy for all golfers!

Business and Social

Golf is an immensely social sport that is typically best enjoyed in the company of friends, family, and business associates. Although it can be played and enjoyed alone, the ability for golf to be a social activity is part of what makes it so popular for executives and business owners with a full work schedule.

Golf is one of the best ways to improve your overall self-confidence, focus, and emotional strength. The simple act of improving your game from one week to another is an immensely uplifting and inspiring way to keep active and improve your life!


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